An essay on religion

As a Catholic I get flak about our traditions. But they’re actually pretty well-grounded. One example is at end of Mass-the pastor proclaims “The Mass has ended” and the congregation enthusiastically responds “Thanks be to God.”

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When you’re working, you do really dumb stuff to keep you amused during those slow times. Kinda like college, but safer.

The setting was my place of employment, Chick Fil A. Saturday nights are the slowest, and in my opinion, have the funnest people on the clock.

Our styrofoam cups come in long plastic bags that you poke open at one end. One employee was casually inflating one. Not only do we stock inflatable toys at Chick Fil A, we have helium for balloons.

Soon helium usage was spiraling out of control. We moved onto bigger and badder inflatable items, like gallon jugs.

Yes, you can inflate an empty gallon jug. Of course, the nozzle stays inserted for only about three seconds before the cap blows off. Have you ever heard a gun shot from fifty feet away? That’s what it sounded like.

Things quickly escalated to inflating garbage bags. We wrote our names on promotional materials for new menu items and taped them to the bag. It sounds dumb but you had no idea. This was momentous. We wrote the store’s number on one, then prepared to release the bag into space.

“Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we actually got a call from someone? ‘Yeah, I found a trash bag with this number on it.’”

We rushed out the trash door.

“Jake, get in the picture! Wait for Mandi Karen!”

We were making history.

“Hey guys, Mr. Johnson just pulled up.” He actually didn’t.

I took a picture on my horrible camera phone. It’s still my wallpaper.

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The Pirate Bay does a Google
Found this when I went to the site 5 minutes ago:

The image is a link thats takes you to this website.

The website is apparently designed to combat this FRA. “Everything you do on the network will be monitored,
All your phone calls will be intercepted” is the headline.

Google translator says the title, StoppaFraLagen, means “Stop the FRA Law”

On Wikipedia it says it’s Sweden’s version of the NSA combined with the RIAA. It’s had a run-in with the Swedish Pirate Party plus conducts email and phone wiretapping. Hm. Not only does the Pirate Bay borrow the front page, now they’re using it for social and political issues. I’m looking forward to seeing the ship decked with Christmas lights.

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I hereby formally endorse Paul Burns for President of the United States

Paul Burns has proven himself to be an exceptional leader. He has devoted years of service to advancing the social state of this nation. He is a fighter for kitten rights.

Once in a generation a public servant appears in the spotlight. That time is now, and the servant is Paul Burns.

As he himself would say, “PB&J: Spread the word.”

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6/6 News

McCain compounds wiretapping problem

A recent statement from the McCain campaign asserted McCain’s often-criticized view that Bush’s warrantless-wiretapping was lawful, bringing the hopeful President even closer to Bush’s executive power grabs.

The advisor, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, posted in the National Review that Bush’s authorization of NSA international and email monitoring was within the bounds of the Constitution. “Neither the administration nor the telecoms need apologize for actions that most people, except for the A.C.L.U. and trial lawyers, understand were constitutional and appropriate in the wake of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.”

The criticism has compounded because in a Boston Globe interview six months ago, McCain stated he would obey the 1978 statute requiring a warrant for spying.

NY Times

Democrats may back down on FISA

House Democrats may be ready to compromise on last year’s controversial FISA bill. A version including retroactive immunity for telecom companies managed to pass in the Senate but was stalled until winter recess by the House.

Recently House Intelligence Committee chair Silvestre Reyes said he was “fine” with the wording proposed by Senate Republicans that allows immunity.

The ACLU has responded quickly, stating “Congress should remember that the majority of Americans are against unwarranted and warrantless surveillance.”

Raw Story

Congress passed $3 trillion budget

Congress passed a $3 trillion budget yesterday, which included modest increases in domestic programs but was criticized for piling on the national debt. It’s the first budget passed in an election year since 2000, Democrat Steny Hower proclaims the first budget passed in an election year since 2000 “a demonstration of our ability to govern effectively.”

Republicans attacked the Democrats for loading onto Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. “We shouldn’t be doing this to our children” says Rep. Paul Ryan.

Budget Committee Chairman John M. Spratt defended the budget. “President Bush told the country we could have it all: guns, butter and tax cuts, too, and never mind the deficits. It takes a long time to turn this battleship around, but that’s what we do in this budget.”

Washington Post

New poll reveals Iran diplomacy is favorable

A recent Public Agenda poll reports that nearly 50% of Americans say diplomacy with Iran is the best solution to the “current situation.” That’s a nearly 15% increase since last fall. The poll also reports that a mere 7% favor military action.

Think Progress

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6/5 News

Obama takes control of DNC fundraising

Barack Obama has been the presumptive Democratic nominee for two days but is already changing the party from within. He has instructed the committee to accept his proposal of denying funds from PACs and lobbyists, among growing insider concern about the DNC’s lackluster fundraising. The move not only unifies Obama’s policy with the party but stabs at McCain’s lobbyist ties.

The Republican National Committee has raised twice as the DNC’s 77.6 million this year, and has ten times more than the DNC’s 4.4 million on-hand cash. Leaders hope Obama’s fundraising knack will translate for more funds for the Convention in August.

News Observer

Obama prepared to help Clinton with debt

Barack Obama and second-place finisher Hillary Clinton appear to be reconciling after a bloody 16-month primary season. An Obama campaign advisor says Obama will help Clinton pay back the $20 million dollar campaign debt, including 11.4 million she owes herself.

According to the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, Clinton must pay the loan back by the Democratic Convention or she’ll only be able to repay a fraction. Though Obama can’t directly donate from his fund experts predict they will both reach out to Obama’s maxed out donors.

Bloomberg news

Clinton to end her bid

At the same time, a Clinton campaign issued a statement last night announcing that Hillary will voice her support for Obama and end her bid on Saturday. Aides say she originally wanted to wait but by Thursday had been convinced to back down.

“Senator Clinton will be hosting an event in Washington, D.C., to thank her supporters and express her support for Senator Obama and party unity,” said a chief strategist.

The tide turned as Obama declared himself the nominee Tuesday night and soon created a three person vice-president selection group, including longtime supporter Caroline Kennedy. Many Clinton supporters like former Vice President Walter Mondale expressed support for Obama after Tuesdays primaries, which may have prompted her exit.

NY Times

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